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As one of the top 3 smart lock manufactures in China. HUNE has 26-year manufacturing experience of smart lock. Our smart lock products include fingerprint lock, digital keypad lock, cabinet lock, hotel key card lock, electronic door lock system and matching products, which can meet the needs of different locks used by hotels, residential, commercial and government projects. HUNE smart locks are made of alloy , stainless steel, titanium alloy and other high-quality materials to ensure the durability. We have a strong technical team, mature production line and management system, to ensure the stability of the lock system. HUNE keyless entry door lock manufacturer adhere to independent innovation, the smart lock products have a variety of patents and industry awards, also through the ISO and FCC certification. The mortise HUNE use can meet various standard such as UL, BHMA, EN and CE. Our R&D department will launch and update smart lock products every year, constantly improve the product structure and meet market demand. Enjoy the intelligent life, start from the choice of HUNE smart lock.
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