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As one of the top 3 smart lock manufactures in China. HUNE has 26-year manufacturing experience of smart lock. Our smart lock products include fingerprint lock, digital keypad lock, cabinet lock, hotel key card lock, electronic door lock system and matching products, which can meet the needs of different locks used by hotels, residential, commercial and government projects. HUNE smart locks are made of alloy , stainless steel, titanium alloy and other high-quality materials to ensure the durability. We have a strong technical team, mature production line and management system, to ensure the stability of the lock system. HUNE keyless entry door lock manufacturer adhere to independent innovation, the smart lock products have a variety of patents and industry awards, also through the ISO and FCC certification. The mortise HUNE use can meet various standard such as UL, BHMA, EN and CE. Our R&D department will launch and update smart lock products every year, constantly improve the product structure and meet market demand. Enjoy the intelligent life, start from the choice of HUNE smart lock.
Recently, a message ''The Deer's Smart Lock Automatically Opens during Midnight, Panic, and Family Frightened'' spread throughout the network, causing heated discussions. After timely communication and expert certification, the disturbance is a mess. For the smart door lock system, the first reaction of the people must be safe. After all, the first starting point for purchasing smart door locks is that ''the owner can change the password at any time, and only the owner has the right to change the password, which brings high security''.
What caused the problem with the smart door lock system? Li Yongning, the chief security officer of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Locks, gave an analysis. The mechanical lock body portion relies on the combination of the bolt and the door frame to lock the door. Under normal circumstances, when the door is closed, the oblique tongue enters the door frame and is locked in place. When opening the door, the door handles must be twisted, and the oblique tongue leaves the door frame. However, if the door is aging and the door is not strong enough, the lock tongue is not well embedded in the door frame, so it is easy to cause the door to be false. It has a little external force and can be easily opened. For semi-automatic door locks like the deer, you need to press the door handles to open the door after entering the password or fingerprint. It is impossible to open unless someone presses the handle outside the door. This means that the automatic opening of the door is probably due to the lock tongue. Coupled with the unique safety technology brand ''AI•S4'' plus code security protection, which is unique to Luke, the rumor is evidently falcified.
Luke has teamed up with the smart door lock system industry's top companies and institutions to launch the ''AI•S4 Smart Lock Security Lab''. According to Ye Yun, chief architect of Yunding Technology, the Smart Lock Security Lab will be guided by users, industry and ecology, focusing on establishing safety standards for the smart lock industry, exporting security solutions, detection methods and capabilities to the industry, and guiding smart locks. In terms of technological innovations in components, we are committed to creating the top-level laboratory that will help the smart lock industry to advance rapidly.
At present, there are already industry companies including Xiaomi Security, Alibaba Cloud, Huiding Technology, Silicon Lab, Future Technology and other companies working together to build a smart lock security lab, from IoT security, data privacy security, biometric security, and locks. We will continue to innovate and explore various security aspects such as physical security and jointly build a smart lock security ecosystem.
For the establishment of the smart lock security laboratory, access control system manufacturers like Luke said it is a more concentrated expression of its leading edge in safety technology. Previously, Luke mainly relied on a self-built independent security team and safety committee to strictly control all aspects of products from research and development to the listing. Externally, Luke actively cooperated with authoritative organizations in the industry to promote the establishment of domestic smart door lock enterprise standards and the construction of a safety ecosystem. In the future, the Smart Lock Security Lab will continue to focus on the pain points of the industry, and continue to gather hardcore security companies in the industry to establish a new security standard for the intelligent door lock industry and guide the standardized development of the intelligent door lock industry.