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Only high-quality after-sales service can win good reputation from consumers

  • source:HUNE
  • Date:03-22-2019

After-sales service is a variety of service activities provided after the sale of goods. From the perspective of sales work, after-sales service is also a means of promotion. In the follow-up stage, sales staff should take various forms of cooperation steps, through after-sales service to improve the credibility of enterprises, expand the market share of products, and improve the efficiency and efficiency of sales work.

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With the rapid development of smart home industry and the improvement of living standards, people's acceptance of smart home products is also improving. It makes many traditional enterprises and Internet enterprises swarm into the smart home market. Intelligent lock as the smart home entry level products, more and more enterprises have joined the competition of intelligent lock market.

Intelligent lock is a focus on the installation and after-sales industry. The level of enterprise after-sales service requirements is very high, so the installation and after-sales constrains the development of many enterprises. How can we not only eliminate worries for consumers, but also timely feedback customers' opinions and requirements on products to enterprises, so as to improve product quality and better meet customers' needs?

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1. Lack of after-sales maintenance, enterprises encounter trust crisis

In China, intelligent lock brands with quick after-sales maintenance are rare, so intelligent lock after-sales maintenance problems have been repeatedly criticized. The sales and after-sales mode of 70% fingerprint lock manufacturers generally adopts the regional agency system, and the after-sales work of their products is entrusted to local agents. Some dealers in the process of selling products, generally by the hardware store or mechanical lock shop for sales, without their own brand stores, there is no professional after-sales personnel. In order to save costs, they will hire some locksmiths temporarily for customers. These locksmiths do not understand the fingerprint lock, so it is not a one-time solution to the user's problem. Much on-site maintenance, not only waste of user time, but also improves the maintenance cost.

2. Enhance user engagement

User participation is a very important link for fingerprint lock to approach consumers and make them accept and love. An excellent intelligent lock enterprise can allow users to communicate with the company at will, participate in all processes and systems, and put forward their own opinions, so that every consumer is a research and development engineer.
In the 21st century, consumers are no longer purchasing fingerprint lock based on price choice, but on user experience. When a product's user experience and after-sales service cannot be recognized by consumers, its market reputation will be greatly hit, and it will not be accepted or even eliminated by consumers gradually.