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HUNE intelligent lock solves the complicated problems of apartment through mobile phone

  • source:HUNE
  • Date:12/25/2018

HUNE intelligent biometric door lock solves the complicated problems of apartment through mobile phone

biometric door lock

It is Christmas today and you must want to out of the city to enjoy a holiday and so does other person in other city. Take profit from the sharing economy and your house can earn the travel cost for you as a temporary rental accommodation. How to true it without copying the key to stranger and hide in secret place? HUNE lock can help you out. Airbnb
HUNE launches the new upgrade intelligent lock 930-62-m for the apartment. The simple design of the appearance gives the apartment lock a sense of fashion. Straight and delicate outline texture makes it have extraordinary temperament. 930-62-M adopts hidden cylinder and underneath type handle design, which improves the safety and tactility. Stainless steel material has the characteristics of bright luster, good corrosion resistance and outstanding texture. The intelligent apartment lock has the function of independent Internet connection and APP control, realizing the interconnection between people and locks and providing greater convenience for apartment life.

use mobile to solve door lock problems

HUNE upgrade the intelligent system, apartment management is more convenient

In the past, tenants had to go through the registration procedures and the tedious procedures of ‘giving keys and returning keys’. After using the intelligent system, all can be completed through the system operation. It will make the service more humanized, intelligent and personalized. Airbnb

No geographical limitation and 24-hour management

HUNE believes that the management of rental housing needs to be intelligently combined with the needs and difficulties of management and lessee. While solving the intelligent management of landlords, we should also take into account the safety of tenants and provide them the well living experience.

HUNE skillfully use intelligent network remote technology to increase remote data monitoring function. Landlord can send electronic keys online (including time limit password and temporary password). The permissions of electronic keys can be set through the APP to achieve hierarchical management. For example, landlord has full authority; tenant has part of the authority, and cleaner has limited authority. This can effectively avoid the phenomenon that the traditional rental house card or key is borrowed or copied.

Remote monitoring and intelligent early warning

Safety is the biggest concern of all people. HUNE apartment lock can be checked the unlock record in real time through the APP. User can know the real-time dynamics and check the door lock entry and exit situation. At the same time, if there are abnormal circumstances, intelligent warning will be issued. Dormitory administrators log into the system with their mobile phones, so they can know clearly when students return to the dormitory. If the dormitory door is opened abnormally, the door lock will send the alarm. Therefore, in practical application, HUNE apartment lock can not only meet the needs of tenants, butlers, finance, cleaner and other aspects, but also meet the security needs of actual use.

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