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How to use scramble code function of HUNE intelligent lock?

  • source:HUNE
  • Date:01-08-2019

use scramble code function of lock

Many people can see the promotional materials about the scramble code function, when they buy HUNE intelligent code door lock. The promotional materials make the usage of this function as easy as possible to understand. But how to use this function in the actual use and how to guarantee the password security?

hune intelligent lock

Data shows that the average person can remember irregular numbers or letters in a short period of time for 7 digits. If the unlock password is less than 7 digits, it is not safe. If the unlock password is more than 7 digits, people are not easy to remember it.
In other words, strangers can easily remember short password when they see it. Although you can improve password security by changing your password frequently, it's easy to forget your password over time. Scramble code function can increase password length to improve password security.

Scramble Code Function Of Intelligent Lock

You can add random scramble numbers before and after the correct password to unlock. For example, the correct password is 42890. You can add 112233 before 42890 and add 445566 after 42890, then input 112233 42890 445566 to unlock. If the whole string of number has a complete and unbroken correct password, the smart lock can verify and unlock the door.
Adding random numbers before and after the correct password can increase the length of the input digits. It will make it impossible for many people to remember the long password at a glance. The scramble codes can be set optionally, so you can make the whole input password different every time. It improves the security of correct password.

scramble code function of intelligent lock

Usage Of Scramble Code Function

When a friend is around, you can use the scramble code function to input password. Although, your friend can see your password, he can not remember it. Of course, in this case, it is more hidden and convenient to unlock the door with fingerprint.

Although the scramble code function is less commonly used, it does work well when used. All HUNE intelligent locks have the scramble code function. It is important to note that the length of the scramble code is not arbitrary. Smart locks limit the length of the whole input digits which include scramble code and correct password. The length of correct password and scramble code should be less than 25 digits. After using HUNE intelligent locks, you can input your password confidently in front of your friends.

password door lock