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Hotel Key Card Lock

  • source:hunelock
  • Date:11/01/2019

As we all know, nowadays, most hotels are equipped with the intelligent hotel key card lock. But most intelligent door lock manufacturers couldn’t offer a highly united and consistent hotel management system with the hotel key card lock. Yet since the tourism and hotel industry have been thriving and expanding through the decades, and tourists’ mind sets have been changing and evolving, with other factors that have been continuously contributing to influence the society. Many different problems and challenges have arisen. So, the market requires the hotel key card lock with the management system that can serve to eliminate the problems at the same time.


And here’s our selling point and highlight, HUNE have constructed a management system around the hotel key card lock. We can offer the hotel key card lock with the most comprehensive and coordinated system in the market.


But first of all, you may want to know what are those newly arisen challenges and problems that might bother you. For example, A: the efficiency problem. Assigning every key card to each door, maintenance the hardware are always the most nerve wrecking work to do, and don’t mention they are open to high possibility to mistakes. B: the privacy requirements: todays’ tourists are less and less likely to offer the personal information, more and more unwilling to do the face to face reservation, confirmations and fill up all those forms. C: layered management: if you were the hotel manager, you would definitely want to set up a whole authorization network to manage all the human traffic within the hotel, and also you would want to monitor the specific states of each room in real time to deal with any possible situation. And you would want to do them easily, you would want to have the opportunity to gain all the information you need whenever wherever you want. D: aesthetics: lastly, you would also want to give your hotel a more aesthetic vibe and manifest some clues to indicate that your hotel is advanced, to imply to your guests that they will be benefit from the convenience.


These are the most essential and yet most obvious problems or challenges that we should put the priority and our endeavour to. For that, HUNE developed the hotel key card lock with the whole hotel management system to offer a better solution for the hotel managers. We aim to craft a whole set of intelligent hotel mode for all our customers.


Now, allow me to explain the mechanics of the network that we constructed for the intelligent hotel mode. First step: the hotel managers will need to install a HUNE software in their computers and your guests will need to install an APP in their phones, then they can book the rooms, finish the verification and payment and other things. Second step: all the information that the guests offered would be uploaded to the hotel’s cloud server, through the router and switch, the information would be sent to the hotel managers’ computers. Then, after the information is in the positions, the hotel managers can generate the e-key cards or use the encoder to encode the physical key cards, and set up the door locks, then distribute the reservation information (including room number, dates and password) and the cards to the guests. So, the whole process on the managers’ side and the guests’ side would be simplified, it’s extremely convenient.


So, within this structure, much more functions and operations can be achieved. We can now go through some of them and the merits of them. The guests can now use their phones to finish the whole complex and bothering reservation process, and after their e-key card information is sent to them, they can just simply use their phone to unlock their doors via the Bluetooth, so, all the operations can just happen on their phone, one personal device is enough of your guests, that will a very satisfied experience for them if they booked your hotel.


For all the managers, they can do all the processes just on their host computers. They can integrate the HUNE software(certificate KYU5003-091) to multiple PMS systems  to form a more united management network. They can process the guests’ reservations information. They can monitor the specific room states, including who, when, how long. They can generate different key cards, then use them for allocating the different permissions to different rooms, different floors, different buildings, to different level of authorizations. They can track all the unlocking records, reservation records and the database would be automatically backup. Additionally, many security options and operations are waiting for the hotel managers to take, from the system functions to the hardware features, please visit our official site to get more information. With this management network, the hotel managers will be able to achieve the layered, detailed and accurate management.


Besides the advanced hotel management system itself, the hotel key card lock also has some worth-mentioned properties. Such as, it’s equipped with the anti-pick latch, panic release, no professional devices are needed to maintenance, high capacity battery powered and low consumption (18-24 months in normal state), memory will be preserved even when power off, each lock can memorize 240 unlock records, etc. you can check out more details, if you were interested, visit , HUNE offers you the best solutions for hotel management.