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Card Lock

HUNE participated in the innovation of first digital lock in China in 1991. We can offer digital smart card lock in many modes to meet requirement such as hotel system mode for hospitality niche, apartment mode for accommodating rental or you can choose code+card mode for your Airbnb project. The hotel system mode can be integrated to hotel management system such as Micro Fidelio/Opera. Both Mifare and Temic version have encryption to increase the secrecy performance. HUNE digital smart card locks can adapt to many mortises such as ANSI, European, Single latch and so on. The mortise HUNE use can meet various standard such as UL, BHMA, EN and CE. HUNE digital smart card lock have diversified styles to meet your designs, no matter luxury, simplified or light luxury, you can always choose your favor here. HUNE key card door lock manufacturer use durable material to accompany our reliable system to solve all your worries about the smart door lock system.