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HUNE Has The Right Smart Locks For You

26 years experience in the digital lock niche, HUNE has become the top 3 digital lock manufacturer in China. We are a Hong Kong group have a production factory in China mainland. We can offer hotel card lock, keypad lock, fingerprint lock, code door lock, biometric door lock... to meet your various requirements such as hotel project, office project, residential project or even smart home project.

We are the digital lock manufacture who own various document such as CE/EN/UL/BHMA/SASO/ISO etc,. If you want to choose reliable smart lock manufacture in China why don't you choose the one has been famous in China and have over 1000 flagship and outlets as HUNE.

HUNE can offer you suitable before and after sale service, moreover, we have the capability in smart lock R&D and production. With our over 300 people production team and over 40 people R&D team, you can cooperate with us your smart lock or smart home business with confidence.

Users are using HUNE products all over the world then why don't you join us.


Card Lock

HUNE participated in the innovation of first digital lock in China in 1991. We can offer digital smart card lock in many modes to meet requirement such as hotel system mode for hospitality niche, apartment mode for accommodating rental or you can choose code+card mode for your Airbnb project. The hotel system mode can be integrated to hotel management system such as Micro Fidelio/Opera. Both Mifare and Temic version have encryption to increase the secrecy performance. HUNE digital smart card locks can adapt to many mortises such as ANSI, European, Single latch and so on. The mortise HUNE use can meet various standard such as UL, BHMA, EN and CE. HUNE digital smart card lock have diversified styles to meet your designs, no matter luxury, simplified or light luxury, you can always choose your favor here. HUNE key card door lock manufacturer use durable material to accompany our reliable system to solve all your worries about the smart door lock system.

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Fingerprint Lock

HUNE fingerprint lock use 3D nanometre semiconductor reader for precise reading. Hard to copy but never affect immediate recognize. Most of HUNE digital fingerprint lock have full function: card (Mifare), keypad, fingerprint and mechanical key to meet different occasions. All keypad locks have scramble function, card have encryption and even mechanical is the anti-clone technology. Titanium alloy, stainless steel, PVD coating is the ordinary material for HUNE fingerprint lock to show up your great design. And HUNE will never use off grade material for manufacture to low your brand image. HUNE paid lots of attention to the structure and programme so our anti-theft handle design and anti Tesla coil attack function have earned great appreciation from the market and we will keep moving forward to ease your every concern. HUNE fingerprint lock also have wifi or blue tooth function to true the remote control or monitor function. And this is a great function for Airbnb or residential user.

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Keypad Lock

HUNE digital smart lock also include keypad smart lock. Password is the most secured but also the most dangerous unlock way. Password is in your mind that hard to be puzzled but once it is peeked it is not secret anymore. So HUNE keypad smart lock have scramble function that you can insert over 25 digits then only the 4-6 of them is the real password by your setting. HUNE keypad lock also have card function to help you true the accommodation rental function. The Mifare system of HUNE digital smart keypad lock has encryption to double secure. HUNE hotel door lock system supplier also have blue tooth and wifi function keypad lock to true the remote control or monitor function. And this is a great function for Airbnb.

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Cabinet Lock

HUNE cabinet lock has many modes to meet occasions. Hotel mode fit for the hospitality system which hotel guest can use the room card to unlock a locker in SPA, GYM or Swimming Pool. Safe Box mode is suitable for the individual SPA, GYM, Swimming Pool or Stadium management for user can use any card to lock and unlock the vacant locker they want. The ID mode is perfect for the membership management because member can be assigned a dedicated lock by the club to show up the honor. HUNE locker lock has Mifare, Temic, ID and TM mode to meet your recent management system. HUNE locker lock use high quality material in the body and even the accessories to ensure the security and we have various of models for you to choose from to meet your design.

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Energy Saver

HUNE can offer many hotel products to help you save time and energy in searching. We have safe boxes reach bank secure level that use durable material to ensure quality. Each safe box is over 15kg in a scale less than 0.36CBM then you can figure out what concrete material we have used. HUNE also have different models of energy saver. You can choose color and modes you want to meet your hotel design and the system is stable for long time use. HUNE energy saver only accept encryption card to active the power connects to help hotel cost management. HUNE also just launched our upgraded card encoder which have slim and modern design to meet your brand image and save your cost in delivery at the same time.

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Smart home brings people a convenient and fast life, more and more people are full of expectations for intelligent life. Smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock. It is a combination of security, convenience, advanced technology lock. So where can the smart lock be applied?
For family residence, we can install the fingerprint lock. Go out without taking the key, press fingerprint to unlock and go home. The owner can use the fingerprint lock to manage permissions on the fingerprint. Avoid changing the new lock every time when you change your babysitter.
For hotel, we can install card lock. Through the smart card lock management system, you can provide guests with a variety of check-in and unlock mode. This makes for better hotel management. In addition to using the room card to unlock the card lock, guests can also use the room card to consume in the hotel.
For commercial office, we can install keypad lock. Through the APP, the manager can automatically check the attendance of employees and record query. If the company is stolen, the manager can use the APP to automatically query the information of the last leaving office employee from the keypad lock.
Hospitality Solution

Hospitality Solution

HUNE intelligent lock management system required only host computer, card encoder and software for operation.

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Resident Solution

Resident Solution

As time goes on, more and more require for smart home will arise.

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Hospital Solution

Hospital Solution

On the function of the lock's basic function, HUNE develope lock system to be a fully functional, easy operated and easy maintained lock management system according to the actual management need of the hospital or health care center.

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Government / Military solution

Government / Military solution

HUNE intelligent lock management system required only host computer, card encoder and software for operation.

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Commercial Office Solution

How can you set staff, visitors or service access time according to company policy but not affecting the user convenience?

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Global Leading brand in intelligent lock since 1993. Leading Access Control System Manufacturers - HUNE

About HUNE hotel locks suppliers

Who is HUNE

Global Leading brand in intelligent lock since 1993.

With the 25-year manufacturing experience, we create the standard, and we never stop breaking the standard.---we are HUNE.

KEYU Intelligence Co, ltd is affiliated enterprise of KEYU Group, is one of top 3 big smart door lock manufacturers in China, national high technology enterprise. Manufacturing headquarters is located in the Pearl River delta of Guangdong Province of China’s first overseas Chinese hometown—Jiangmen, where the first intelligent door lock was born.

As one of the top3 intelligent lock manufacturers in China, KEYU has his own industrial estate with 36,000 square meters, and consummate producing equipment, manufacturing various of the intelligent locks independently.

KEYU persist in offeringpremium products. Applying ERP management system, introducing advanced foreign manufacturing techniques and facilities, and we also have the latest international advanced research, testing facilities as well as development specialists within the industry, KEYU is perpetually developing its own products and improving technology innovation capacity within the intelligent lock market.

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China has a new facial recognition app — this time for pandas

HUNE fingerprint lock supports face recognition and palm print recognition function.

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Why China's economy is performing 'better than expected'

Smart lock is the most popular smart home appliance in this few years. HUNE is Guangdong smart lock research center and is one of the top3 smart lock manufacturers in China.

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In China Unicom Partner Conference, HUNE Project Won The First Family Terminal Category

In the face of broad development opportunities of 5G, HUNE smart lock will join hands with China alliance to create new business opportunities and share new dividends of China's 5G development.

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