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WiFi Smart Door Lock

  • source:hunelock
  • Date:07/14/2020

There was a brilliant idea that the user can unlock and lock the door from the other side of the universe, so that the user doesn’t have to sink into the severe COD of wondering if they locked the door after a loopy wake up to work, or a rushing emergency out of home. It seems and sounds like magic from our childhood. But as all we know it’s reality now, as a matter of fact, the Smart door lock with remote control function is a quite popular subject for many different users with different needs and demands. The most compelling part of such Smart door lock is that the user can work on and react to any situation right at the time, so that they don’t have to witness the mess or ruin of their properties and belongings. After all, the meaning of every single door lock’ life is to serve our security, also to prevent us from loss and even from worrying about the possible loss. So, here’s to say, the Smart door lock with remote control function would let us enjoy the safety of both physical and mental.

I think you will appreciate dissolving the historical fear of leaving your home and not knowing if it’s fine, with the Smart door lock of remote control. Now you will forever lose this worry and have the tranquility of enjoying your days.


So, how does such smart door lock come into our life from a mere wonderful expectation to the concrete, tangible product that we can actually make a better life out of it?

The answer is the internet. It has granted us so many possibilities in many expected and un-expected aspects. The Smart door lock with remote control function is inevitably the descendent of the great internet. You can deploy the full control over your door lock if it’s on the internet even you are in the opposite side of the universe.

Well, as a smart door lock manufacturer with more than 27 years of experience in the market, we are more than happy to harvest the power of the internet to produce and offer the higher level of security and convenience for our customers and clients around the world.


The essential logic for the wifi smart door lock is simple: we connect the smart door lock to the internet, and the user would connect to the internet as well, so that, the user will be able to control the wifi smart door lock as long as the internet covers.

But as simple as the logic, how to put the door lock to the internet with stability and safety is actually quite difficult matter of engineering.


And HUNE has been working on this difficulty, and we managed to build the most optimised and cost effective way for the users to enjoy such system. Simply, we connect the smart door lock to the internet through a little device called ‘gateway’ or ‘bridge’, and the bridge will connect to your wifi network. Just one device is enough for the user to have the wifi smart door lock with remote control function. And the user would use their smart phone to control or manage their wifi smart door lock.

So, as promised, this system would allow the user to control their wifi smart door lock remotely, as long as the internet covers. This system supports not only the standard locking and unlocking process. The users can also extract the unlock record, authorise another user by setting a new password etc. all that can be of course done remotely. In the simplest  word, the users would be able to deploy the Real-time, comprehensive and detailed management to their door lock. This would improve the daily experience for the user in a great level.

Meanwhile, more than the functionality convenience, the maintenance cost is incredibly low, for its simple structure. So the user won’t have to take a huge chunk of time everyday to maintain the system to keep it in shape. With all these merits and for the accessibility of the range of the wifi, this very concise and capable system of wifi smart door lock is perfectly suitable for the personal residential usage, the smaller scale rental apartments, smaller scale hotel and resorts etc. if you run a smaller hotel, condo, Airbnb or you are just gonna use it at home, it will be super for you.


This system would be most compatible with the keypad smart door locks and fingerprint door lock. Our proud products

918-i8-f (,

918-e3-f (,

918-x6-f (


They are all equipped with fashionable outer design and high quality hardwares. We have applied some of the best ingredients in here. Swedish FPC semi-conductor fingerprint reader with additional nano ceramic layer, high speed reading and recognising but un-effected by scratches and static-electricity. IMF keypad, exquisite and splendid, won’t leave any fingerprint on the surface. 3 layers positron finish surface, aesthetic and durable, ‘immortal surface material’ newer and prettier as the days go by. All in all, this composition is one of the most quality and intelligent solutions of our company. They will surely boost your daily safety experience greatly. They are what the smart door lock should be and what a hotel owner ever wanted.

You can also visit them in our website, more models are there waiting you.


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