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What is required in the smart lock market

  • source:hunelock
  • Date:09/15/2020

The market requirement is changing rapidly during the lock down period. We are all seeking for a more secured way in every process of our journey.


For example, according some reports, 3-4 days self-driving tour is much more popular than ever. And people are more willing to stay in an individual space with families such as suit apartment than hotel recently. But does it means hotels have lost the market? I don’t think so, case hotels have irreplaceable advantage, such as entertainment facilities, service and location.


But what we can do once consumers are willing to less the contact with stranger but still feel your hospitality? You can try to build your intelligent hotel, by using WiFi hotel card lock or Bluetooth door lock.   

What is the working logic?


WiFi Hotel Card Lock

WiFi hotel card lock is suitable to the hotels with more than 200 rooms and need central control of all room door lock status. The WiFi hotel card lock will have build in module for command signal receiving. This command signal can be Lora, 433, Zigbee or Zigwave and depends on your GRMS. HUNE WiFi hotel card lock is taking Lora as this command signal for the stability and so does the wide range . We have been using it in some five starts hotel in China and it runs perfectly. You can choose DC or AC as power supply of the lock and if you choose DC as the power supply way, that will be a more environment friendly solution, but you need to communicated well with your door supplier as the door drilling parts. They need to reserve holes for your conceal loop for the wiring. And you can take the picture below for reference. And it is will be also a nice solution if you choose the AC power way, cause HUNE had developed a low power consumption solution for our WiFi hotel card lock. But you should predict that the battery will surely have shorter life circle once compare with installing in stand alone hotel card lock.


You will also ask how devices you need to buy if you choose HUNE WiFi hotel card lock. I think you need to buy our card encoder for card issuing, cause some of your guests will still prefer the tradition way of unlocking. As a hotel advise friendly service, you will certainly not deny this requirement. Furthermore, your guest will still need this card to control the elevator if your hotel have good security system. They can only go to the floor they live in by their room cards. You will be wondering if you need to buy the bridge from us. Actually HUNE WiFi hotel card lock price has include the bridge cost. Each bridge can bind 8 locks in usual case. But if you need more bridges because of your special floor plan, please contact us for more details.


For this kind of hotel projects, we also have accessories such as elevator controller, energy saver, RF locker lock for you to choose from. So please contact us for more information about that.


With HUNE hotel card lock system, you can know the status of the lock such as it is locked or unlock, low power or not. It is more easy for your management only by one system.

Bluetooth Hotel Door Lock

This is solution for small hotel do not need central control for lock real time information but also want to offer the guest an convenient stay for your tour.


For example, you have cooperate with a OTA platform and received a booking requirement and the guest has finish the payment also. You can send the guest the unlock passwords by email or SMS in HUNE Bluetooth hotel door lock system. In that message, guest will receive the room number, password, stay period information, hotel address and so does your greeting, and isn’t it a warm activities during this time?

bluetooth digital door lock

If you have your own APP for the booking, you can also send an e-key to the guest who has book and paid for the room in your APP that is a more convenient way. And HUNE will offer API for the e-key function in your APP.


You will ask the same question, what devices I still need to buy from HUNE if I choose this system? Actually HUNE will still suggest you buy the card encoder for card issuing as we mentioned before. We should respect others user behavior, isn’t it? And different from the WiFi hotel card lock, HUNE Bluetooth hotel door lock do not require bridge for the signal transition. So no matter what your floor plan is, just buy the lock is ok. 

What HUNE can offer

Except from the WiFi hotel card lock and Bluetooth hotel door lock, HUNE also have diversified stand alone hotel door lock for your reference. You can choose simplified design, luxury design or classic design from us. And if you want the lock to be invisible, you can also try our split design. I think your designer will surely like it. 

HUNE factory

What Model you can choose from.

930-3-DMF1 and 929-D is our hot sale WiFi hotel card lock models, while 929-M and 929-33 is our Bluetooth hotel door lock models popular with the market. You can come to us for more details, and also some fantastic videos of our locks are for your reference in our Youtube also.