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Resident Solution

As time goes on, more and more require for smart home will arise. What can be better than accessing the compounds, parking and your property without any key or registration. Smart home should not only offer you convenience but also safety and it is especially the true in access part. HUNE intelligent lock have unlock record tracking function in series of products and ID verification is required to ensure your home safety convenient life. Locks with various unlock way in HUNE is waiting for you.


In fact, the application of code door lock is an indispensable part of smart home - intelligent security. It can be said that smart door locks in the future will be another extension of smart security. For example, after interlocking with the intelligent lighting system in the home, open the smart door lock, if it is too dark, the light will automatically turn on. At least in terms of the effect of presentation, such a total is quite in line with today’s users’ imagination of the future smart home.


Except for code door lock, electronic card lock system can be another cost effective solution.


HUNE also have RFID electronic card lock system, you can issue master card for this lock, then you can use this master card as authorized permit to issue the child card for the lock. Child card can be issued and given to renter or team of visitors. Then what is the advantage of this RFID electronic card lock system compare to the fingerprint lock except for the price? That is you can delete a set of child card by just one operation and no need to delete one by one. It is especially designed for apartment of house for long period rental.