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Resident Solution

As time goes on, more and more requirement for smart home will arise. What can be better than accessing the compounds, parking and your property without any key or registration. I think a one card pass or one APP pass solution will be the best.

One Card Pass:
For example, when you move in a community, the property management will sure offer you a card to enter the main entrance. But if I need to take a card as a burden, it should carry more duties, isn’t it ? Maybe I can use the same card to unlock my apartment door and even my mail box in lobby. HUNE one card pass solution can help you true this. The property management company just need to buy main entrance devices from HUNE and HUNE will offer them the system to issue the card. Then you can use this card to configure the apartment door lock for your daily use. Dont worry that other apartment owner can not use their card to unlock your apartment door lock. This system will surely protect your privacy. Furthermore, except for the apartment door lock, you can also use the same card to configure your digital mail box lock if necessary. What about the parking? I think they already have vehicle license plate recognition system for it, so no card is required.

One APP Pass:
One APP Pass solution is suitable to condo users. Apartment door lock with this function will surely have Bluetooth or WiFi function. Property management company will issue an e-key in the system for the user to unlock during the period they live in. Then the user can unlock the WiFi door lock by their APP in smart phone via Bluetooth signal. The e-key is encrypted, so user dont need to worry about the password clone. Only the system and user know how the e-key looks like.The advantage of  the WiFi door lock is that, the user can know the real time status of the lock to ensure the home safety. Furthermore, if you have visitors, you can unlock the lock remotely for them. And that is function only WiFi door lock can true.

If you just keep simple lock just for convenient daily life, HUNE have more than 300SKY for your choice. We have key card door lock, password door lock, fingerprint door lock with diversified designs and functions. For example, we will have split design key card door lock for your Airbnb project , we will have simplified design password door lock with temporary password generation function for your condo or rental apartments. If you want to buy a muti function fingerprint door lock for you own use, we can offer you lot s of choice. Simplified, luxury, classic, you can always find in HUNE category.

No matter what kind of lock you are going to buy. key card door lock, password door lock or fingerprint door lock, with or with out extra function such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You will surely consider the safety grade firstly.

HUNE lock always take safety as the first priority, cause we think you are not buying lock to show you are a tech adhesive. but buying a lock to protect you and your family. That is why HUNE apply many technology in our lock no matter in the mechanical part or electronic part. For example, all HUNE fingerprint door lock apply FPC fingerprint reader. It is biometric technology reader, which also have CPU for calculation. Each time to input your fingerprint, it will have record and calculate the possible way of your fingerprint. So even your finger is a little bit hurt, it can still recognize you by your temperature and user behavior.

All HUNE password door lock have scramble code function. It means you can insert series of wrong number in front of or after your correct password. Then even someone peep your password, they can hardly guest the correct password, cause each time you insert can be different.

Even the simple key card door lock, HUNE will work hard on it. All our card reading system is encrypted, so not authorized card is hardly clone.

Most of HUNE products have anti-drilling 3 layer designs and warming alert. And some of our European design apartment door lock have UL, CE anti-fire certificates and of course, the panic release function is available. To ensure the quality, we also have strict test for our mechanical part. Our mortise can pass at least 300,000 times test and ANSI mortise can even pass 800,000 times test. As to the motor, we can pass 500,000 times test also.

If you want to find a reliable apartment lock for your projects, please feel free to contact us for more information. We have many solutions for you to choose from. HUNE is an expert in access control solution.