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HUNE intelligent lock management system required only host computer, card encoder and software for operation. Authorized system to be integrated to PMS system such as for data safety and convenience. Room card issuing, room status checking and hotel management can be handled only via 1 system to save maintenance cost.


It is the 26th years since HUNE ‘s first step into the key card door lock niche. At the beginning we just want to take the high technology to assist the development of China tourism industry as government recommend. Creating more convenience to people bring us happiness no matter what difficulties we had met.


HUNE become the well known hotel key card door lock brand since 1991 and we got reputation from the markets because we insist to be ourselves: No decrease in quality, efficient service and reliable technology.


China economy has a high rate increase in that past 30 years. The GDP is grown and so does the labor cost. Made in China is not words represent low price anymore. To keep the “competition capability” some brand will try to low the quality requirement to approach the “goal”.  But according to our opinion, with time growing people will only have more critical standard to the products instead of lower. There is a very interesting story happen in Miniso that they will never accept suppliers low the price by just decrease the quality standard, cause that is not a solution but just a temporary relief which results in disaster. Optimizing the production procedure and management is the only way to achieve this goal. You will always see key card door lock have much more lower price then ours, but we will suggest you compare it by real sample in front of you. Spend some money as research is always the most secure way in business.


When you are importing goods, especially some electronic goods. The most important thing is you can find someone answer your questions on time or guide you properly when you are going to launch new product series. HUNE believe that practice makes perfect. The efficient service is always from experience or passion or determination to solve a problem.  HUNE has more than 1000 flagships or outlets in China so our service team receive questions every day and they have standard answer for all questions you may ask. And please never doubt the insistence of the IT guys, they pursue for perfect in the mechanical or software part, so your special question of our products will be always the challenge they would like to conquer.  


As a key card door lock manufacturer, the first priority thing is to keep the stability of the key card door lock system. HUNE developed our own hotel key card door lock system and keep optimizing it every year no matter in functionality or stability. We are the brand own authorized certification of international PMS system such as . We understand instead of design or technology, your management and operation safety and convenience is the most important issue.


Contact with us if you are going to buy a key card door lock. We welcome all your compare with other brands. And hope we can have the honor to be your partner.


In 2018, 12.1 billion trips were made globally, an increase of 5.0%;


In 2018, global tourism revenue reached us $1.59 trillion, up 3.1%, marking the fourth consecutive year of growth.


The rapid development of the global tourism market shows the characteristics of agglomeration, intelligence, standardization and internationalization. As a hotel manager, you can seize the opportunity to use smart card locks and Rfid lock system to manage the hotel more efficiently.


HUNE Rfid lock system with software is more flexible, enable user to control and manage a greater range of applications, like Hotel, Large Commercial Building, School, Government/Military, Hospital, Marine etc.


HUNE Rfid lock system required only host computer, card encoder, software and smart card lock for operation. Host computer is used to install lock management software. Card encoder is for reading and encoding (issue) the card. Smart card lock is independent, wireless, battery operated. It can store latest 240 unlock records.


Wireless system and stand-alone door lock
The locks are battery powered, require no wiring, adopt Rfid card to perform control function and unlock function. All of these make installation and maintenance becomes simple and easy. Door lock battery can be used for 18 to 24 months in normal use.


HUNE Rfid lock system benefits
User-friendly system, it is easy to operate. HUNE Rfid lock system is window style, exquisite icon can show all the room state clearly (Empty room, booked room, lodging room, dirty room, maintenance room and so on). Practical shortcut button with the prompt of each operation, let all of our users (who only know how to use the mouse) can use every operation independently.


Support SQL database (client-server mode), multi computers can issue card at the same time. We can offer software interfaces (DLL) to make the lock management software can be connected to other hotel management system. We have successfully linked with many hotel management software, and gain the interface license of international micros Fidelio/Opera (certificate No. KYU-5003-091).


Stable system with database automatic backup function. Powerful error intercept function prevents the system crash by wrong operation. Then database automatic backup function ensure system can be quickly restored to normal from accident, further improve the system safe.


System supports multiple languages. English, Chinese and other countries language are possible. Users can change the language as requirement. (Need client’s cooperation to translate other countries language).


System has distinct management responsibility. The hotel staffs have different authority to access the system based on responsibilities, match with the operating log ensure the security much. Such as the reception staffs only can issue guest card and check out guest card. They do not have authority to issue master card.


The menu of Rfid lock system is made up of “User”, “Room”, “Lodge”, “Issue key card”, “Issue maintenance card”, “Report”, “System Management” and etc. Completely imitate the hospitality management, process room booking, check in, change room, check out and etc.


HUNE Rfid lock system can meet the needs of hotel management and realize smart hotel management. We can provide responsible and quick response after-sales service and system technology upgrades.


Successful Projects

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