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School Solution

School should be place for innovation and illumination. Furthermore, it should be a place stands for 1st grade safety. HUNE intelligent school solution is a wise choice for this idea.


For this idea, please will concern about if the access control system is convenient and also with high safety grade. On the other hand, they will consider if it is also comply with other system, such as parking, consuming... HUNE will recommend this campaign for this solution.


Main Entrance

For the main entrance, most schools have applied door as the first access control system. Even this part is not responsible by HUNE, but our authorized looking system can help the integration be more simple and enhance the efficiency. Student can also use their student card which are from SALTO or KABA to enter but still use the same student for the room door unlock or consuming in school.


Room Door

Students will have dorm and school also want to have proper management on this access control system part to ensure the safety of the student. And of course, they want to have efficient management of the dorm assignment also. HUNE access control system will offer Wi-Fi door lock for this part. Many school will surely have their own APP and then students can do the registration in the APP according to the requirement. School can arrange e-key and password to students for the periods they live in the dorm. Once there is some stuff losing issue or accident, school can track in the system for the unlock record and that will be important evidence for some case. Furthermore, so of the Wi-Fi door lock from HUNE have anti-drilling warning function. And this warning information will be sent to the system by Wi-Fi also. That will be great help to avoid some accident happen. Furthermore, this series will also show the power status of the lock to avoid any embarrass moment of kept out just because of the power run out. If you don’t want to have AC supply to reduce the use of battery, you can also choose DC supply version from us. We can offer concealed rope for this system also.



Consuming System

According to the user behavior of the student. They don’t want to have many burden, and they want to keep every thing efficiently and innovative. Therefore, using the student card for the consuming will create good vibe. HUNE authorized locking system can be applied to the consuming system safely. The stability of HUNE locking system will sure the safety of your whole management system.


Locker Lock

Locker should never be a strange word to the school. Students need to keep their belongings and books in locker for their daily need. But I think that using padlock with mechanical type password and lock with key is no longer a best idea anymore. Key is easy to get lost and 4 digits password of the padlock is easy to be peeked. Then it will be a better idea to offer the student a digital locker lock for their lock. They can only use their student card to unlock this digital locker lock. Of course, the school will have a master card, which can unlock all lockers for management purpose, and I think all students can understand this part. If school want to avoid all misunderstanding of the locker unlock, HUNE will recommend our system management mode digital locker lock for you. In this mode, you can check the latest 300 unlock record of the locker and check who has unlock it. If it show it is unlocked by the master card without any notice to the student. Student can also take this as evidence to protect the right of privacy.


HUNE is expert in access control system. Our merit is not only offer you a recent reliable system, but also a platform for your great idea. If you have any idea for your management, just put forward your requirement. We are sure that HUNE can help you achieve the goal together.


We have R&D team divided into mechanical, electronic, programme and out looking design. All of them have more than 6 years experience in their niche. We know the technology language well so that can help our communication more smoothly.