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Office should not only be a place for work anymore, but should be a place for illumination and innovation. Then how to achieve this goal? I think we need an intelligent office to reduce all unnecessary burden. HUNE will offer solutions for your this requirement.

Bluetooth Door Lock
All office will have an entrance, so it will surely need a door lock for it. But your staff will feel unsecured if anyone can enter without a notice. But it is impossible for them to carry keys anymore. It has been the trend that we will use our staff card to unlock the door on the main entrance. But some of this system is only a controller for the magnetic lock instead of a access control system. As an intelligent access control system, we should also have unlock record for it.

If the office is using a aluminum frame glass door, they will prefer an Bluetooth door lock on it, cause it seems more recognizable. This Bluetooth door lock can have more than 230 cards users and can keep the latest 400 entrance records. If you want to know who has enter the office in a specific period, this system can help you out.

Furthermore, this Bluetooth door lock have temporary password function, and you can use this function to solver many problems. For example, you may ask cleaning company to offer the service for your office. You expect them to come when you are day off. And you hope they just come every day in the same period. You can not ask some work work overtime for wait. And you dont want to give them a permanent permit. So you can offer them a period password. They can come during the contract period at the same time every day. And you can also track the leave time and arrive time of their service. Data and record from this Bluetooth door lock just solve all embarrass. And if you think track record of the staff entrance is also a burden, you can also set this mode for them, then they can only entry during the permitted period.

What happen if all staff are not in the office, but you get delivery service from express company? You can also generate a temporary password in this Bluetooth door lock for them to enter. This temporary will only valid for one time.

OK, you may want a real time monitor of the lock status during these period. Then you can upgrade this lock to the Wi-Fi version. Then you can check the unlock status and also check the power status of the lock. That is good for your management.

You are the boss of the company so you should be be master user of this lock, but I think you will not have time to manage this data. But don’t worry. You can ask your HR supervisor to do the register for a new account in our APP, you can use the authorization function to let him or her monitor the data for you . And you can recall the authorization any time you want. It is a convenient way for the intelligent office. 

I think it will be a best way for your intelligent office.

Digital Cabinet Lock
Office will have many confidential documents which were kept by different staff. So they may want to have a locker or cabinet for this. But maybe they don’t expect to keep a key for this option.

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In this case, you can consider offer them a digital cabinet lock. It will be a best way for this purpose. HUNE digital cabinet lock have 3 mode for you to choose from. Free key mode means you can use any card to lock any vacant locker, and it is suitable to be used in locker for staff to keep coats in winter. ID mode is suitable to be used by staff to keep their confidential documents. Digital cabinet lock in this mode can be only unlock by master card ( Boss may have ) and also the authorized child card (Staff card). It is a best way to keep the privacy for your staff. And it is also a good way to show your care to your staff.
If you need the document locker managed by system, you can also chose digital cabinet lock with system manage mode. You can use software to configure the lock and also track the records.


Furthermore, HUNE have many model for you to choose from and they also have anti-drill strike to upgrade the security level.

If you want to set up a intelligent office, please contact us for more information. It will be our pleasure to offer you solution in detail.