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Keypad Lock

HUNE electronic door lock system of digital door lock factory also include keypad smart lock. Password is the most secured but also the most dangerous unlock way. Password is in your mind that hard to be puzzled but once it is peeked it is not secret anymore. So HUNE keypad lock have scramble function that you can insert over 25 digits then only the 4-6 of them is the real password by your setting. HUNE digital door lock factory of keypad lock also have card function to help you true the accommodation rental function. The Mifare system of HUNE digital keypad lock has encryption to double secure. HUNE also have blue tooth and wifi function keypad lock to true the remote control or monitor function. And this is great electronic door lock system for  Airbnb.    

Bluetooth transfer seems to be a trend in the smart lock niche now and that is why so many bluetooth smart lock factory arise in these 2 years. Most of the bluetooth smart lock factory will have their APP for the management of the bluetooth smart lock.

Unlock is the basic function of the bluetooth smart lock. You can use APP in smart phone to control the lock and most of the time the working distance the bluetooth smart lock factory set is around 10meters.It is very convenient for the elderly people because it is really not easy for them to stand up and walk to the door sometimes, so this remote control can surely solve many problem for them.

PS: Please also consider the wall situation, cause too many or too thick wall on the transfer track will surely affect the real contact distance.

Temporary password is also function that some bluetooth smart lock factory will insert. You can use the APP to generate the password for different occasions. For example, you can generate a one time password for your visitors to get in your house when you are on the way home instead of keep them waiting outside. And you can also generate a period password for your staff to get into office. If their working period is from 9:00am-5:00pm then you can set a password to let them get in everyday during this time quantum. And as the period you can also set in APP such as from 1st Jan 2019-31st Dec 2019.

To view the unlock record is also some requirement of some user. But actually, the previous smart lock do not have this function and that is why some bluetooth smart lock factory want to insert this function to lock. With this function, you can switch on the bluetooth of your smart phone, then also open the APP of the bluetooth smart lock. Use the record collection function of the APP then you can copy all unlock data of that bluetooth smart lock. But if you want to true this function, the first priority thing is —You must be the master ID user of that lock.

Above are some functions of the bluetooth smart lock for residential use. Actually, some qualified digital door lock factory  and electronic door lock system factory also have their bluetooth smart lock for hotel or resort system. And that required more advanced technology and more knowledge. The bluetooth smart door lock for hotel or resort will required a safe integration of the PMS system. But not many bluetooth smart lock factory can offer it. So please contact the related digital door lock factory  to make sure they have this qualification and knowledge to true this function.