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Fingerprint Lock

HUNE fingerprint lock use 3D nanometer semiconductor reader for precise reading. Hard to copy but never affect immediate recognize. Most of HUNE Fingerprint door Lock have full function: card (Mifare), keypad, fingerprint and mechanical key to meet different occasions. All password function locks in our smart door lock system have scramble function, card have encryption and even mechanical is the anti-clone technology. Titanium alloy, stainless steel, PVD coating is the ordinary material for HUNE Fingerprint door Lock supplier to show up your great design. And HUNE will never use off grade material for manufacture to low your brand image. HUNE paid lots of attention to the structure and programmed so our anti-theft handle design and anti Tesla coil attack function have earned great appreciation from the market and we will keep moving forward to ease your every concern. HUNE fingerprint lock also have wifi or blue tooth function to true the remote control or monitor function. And this is a great function for Airbnb or residential user. 

Fingerprint door lock for home is a trend of the world. But most people also worry about the issue of leaking of privacy. As a leading enterprise of smart door lock system in China, HUNE has been deeply engaged in fingerprint door lock field for over 10 years.


HUNE Fingerprint Door Lock


HUNE keep launching latest technical products to meet the market. Intelligent fingerprint door locks are popular gradually, compared with the traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint door locks are more convenient and safer. HUNE fingerprint door lock for home have higher technical content, it is a safe, convenient and technologically advanced compound locks. Smart Home and Smart City projects are all created for meeting the demands of people’s demand of a safe but simple life, and it depend a lot in AI and IOT technology. HUNE keeps launching latest technical products to meet the market, such as blue tooth fingerprint door lock, WIFI fingerprint door lock and IoT fingerprint door lock. Client just need to install APP, then you can control the smart door lock remotely. You can keep track of lock, and truly experience intelligent life. HUNE blue tooth or WIFI lock can be integrated in. Fingerprint door lock is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology, that take human fingerprint as the identification carrier. Fingerprint door Lock is generally composed of electronic identification control and mechanical linkage system.


HUNE fingerprint door lock adds the fingerprint unlock function to the original mechanical lock. HUNE fingerprint door lock uses Swedish FPC nano-ceramic fingerprint reader. The reader uses living biotechnology. It complete fingerprint identification for 0.3 seconds, unlock at a touch. When the user use fingerprint to unlock, the fingerprint recognition system will compare the user's fingerprint with the stored fingerprint. If they are matching, the lock will be opened. Otherwise, the lock will not be opened. HUNE smart door lock system also has scrambling function, password protection function, always open function, anti-theft button function and other practical functions.



HUNE fingerprint door locks have a variety of unlock way, including fingerprint, password, card, mechanical key and WIFI (optional) unlock. It can adapt to different scenarios. Home users often unlock by fingerprint. The rental can use offline password function to unlock. Card unlock function is suitable for office using. WIFI unlock can realize remote unlock regardless of space and distance restrictions. Titanium alloy, stainless steel, PVD coating is the ordinary material for HUNE fingerprint door lock to show up your great design. And HUNE will never use off grade material for manufacture to low your brand image. With a variety of colors and design styles, you can always find a suitable fingerprint door lock at HUNE.
HUNE fingerprint door lock is suitable for a variety of sizes of China standard mortise, and using the C-level cylinder. The material of mortise is stainless steel 304, because it is durable, strong and reliable, wear-resistant, not easy to rust. It can effectively prevent violent unlocking. Smart door lock is the first device people may buy for their smart home plan, because it is easy to be installed, cost is affordable and have many choices can meet the interior design. Most of Fingerprint door Lock manufacturer have few product lines to true item diversify. And you may choose from it according to your requirement.

This is the most popular smart door lock solution recently. Biometric technology development increases the security index of the products. Nowadays some smart door lock factory has integrated the 3D fingerprint identification technology into the fingerprint door lock. It means that the fingerprint reader will remember your fingerprint pattern at the first time you insert your fingerprint information. But that is not the end of the security solution. Along with your daily use of the products, it will also remember your pressure and the usual position you put your fingerprint. These compound data can create a great fire wall for the clone fingerprint information. It is not easy to be copy then it is the best way to secure your home.

Actually in some countries fingerprint is a key to many account so many people do not want to leave it in the lock even it is proved to be safe. This is a psychological hint that we can not force others to change, so some smart door lock factory also launch their multi-function Fingerprint door Lock. Such as some smart door lock factory have integrated the bluetooth function into the lock. User can open the lock just by a smart phone instead of putting passwords. And they can also use the APP to create some temporary password for different occasions. For example, you can generate a one time password for your visitors to get in your house when you are on the way home instead of keep them waiting outside. Some smart door lock factory will also integrate scramble technology into the fingerprint door lock with keypad, so others can not guess your passwords even you insert in front of them, and even there is only 4 digits.

RF card lock is the simplest smart home solution from most smart door lock factory. Most of the smart door lock factory will use RFID mode to true this function. You can use create one master card for the lock, then use this master card permit to generate more child card on the lock. Once you lose some child card, you can also use the master card to delete the whole team of child cards you have generated for security. It is the best and most cost-effective solution for the lease house or apartment. And most of the smart door lock factory can also offer master key solution, it means you can open all your locks with 1 key. It is very convenient for management.

But no matter what kind of lock you want to choose, please take it for first priority that the qualification of the smart door lock factory. As electronic products you will surely need maintenance so the service and the technology team power you must take into your consider list.


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