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Electronic Door Lock System

  • source:hunelock
  • Date:12/16/2019

As we all know, that the smart home or smart facility has been trending for a quite considerable amount of time. Among this howling river of technological innovation, electronic or smart door lock has claimed its necessary and un-replaceable position. But just like everything in this world, this trend is also evolving as the time goes by. No matter how good an electronic door lock could be, it would not be good enough. For as an isolated device itself, it cannot offer the proper interaction and connection to the users or the various situations that could happen in many foreseeable possibilities. So, here’s the time when the whole electronic door lock system shines.


Although we didn’t have a quite scientific or highly accurate definition for the electronic door lock system, we can always make one ourselves by induction, for we already have countless empirical trading cases. We should know what is an electronic door lock system, from the customers’ perspective and requirements. Nevertheless an electronic door lock system should be such as an electronic door lock which is able to offer the user the freedom to distribute the access permission to every right person in the spatial-temporal extent. And this means the requirement of a method for the accurate electronic door lock system management.


As a 26-year experience smart lock manufacturer in China, we of course tried and managed to join this inevitable force of the technological tide, also developed and consummated our own solutions to the requirement. But rationally, we would do and we did do it better than it currently needed. We are now able to offer three different solutions for different customers who process different needs, to cover more probable scenarios. The three different solution each are 1: the traditional stand-alone door lock system. 2: the off-line password door lock system. 3: the real-time management door lock system. Each one of them has their own merits to fit in multiple and various situations where the customers’ specific needs would occur.


The first one is the traditional stand-alone electronic door lock system. This solution is normally to serve the smaller-scale projects. In this solution, the electronic door locks are installed on the doors independently, doesn’t need other devices attached on them, doesn’t require internet, wires, etc., customers just need 4 standard alkaline batteries for the door locks to function for 18 months or so by themselves. The low maintenance price yet also opens enough room for daily management is the essence of this solution.


For the rental apartmentsor Airbnb, the host don’t have a large amount of lock installed and they may don’t need real time remote control for the lock.They can use ID version to generate mother card and master card for themselves for the daily management. And child card can be generated to renter for daily use. You don’t need to worry about renter do not return the card cause you can use mother card to cancel any child card. If you think maintain cards is not an easy job, you can try HUNE Bluetooth residential lock. You can generate a password to your renter in the certain period they have paid and the password will be invalid automatically once the expire date arrive.


For the small-scale hospitality projects, the hotelier or suit ownerswould have more locks installed and setting up each electronic door lock would become a quite cumbersome and painful job. For that HUNEoffered the PC management software to help you out. All lock information can be set in the PC software in advanced then just set lock via 8 digits ID number according to the PC software information is ok.  


You may want to get further information about the Bluetooth version especially in the operation and management part. Actually, this solution has PC software which is online version. It means you can operate the system whenever your computer is connected to Internet. Generate password in the software and create email according to the template you have set and send to guests. This is simple and effective move. Also, HUNE systemoffer various different types of passwords such as the one-time password, the normal time-limited password and Bluetooth key etc. and the customers can set up different characters with different authorization to help the management. This solution is perfect for the customers who often have guests or visitors and housekeeper.


If you are not available sometime but need someone to manage the lock for you. You can have someone you trust to down load the HUNE Bluetooth Lock APP and finish the registration, you can authorize all your rights to the lock in the APP. 


The last one is the real-time management door lock system. This solution is for the larger-scale facilities, such as hotel, hospital, school and so on. In this solution, a router, switch and gateways are needed to perform. In the connection session, the switch connects with the gateways through the TCP/IP and the gateways connect with each electronic door lock through the LoRaor ZigBeesignal. On the customer end, customers shouldinstall the our electronic door lock management system which is granted the certificate to integrated with the OPERA PMS in their local PCand integrate with recent PMS system. Command from the PC will be delivered to gateway then send to lock via LoRa or ZigBee signal. This system can help you out in real time operation such as tracking, generate e-key and so on.


So, here’s the basic introduction for the HUNE electronic door lock system, we believe that these solutions would be sufficient to cover the foreseeable problems or requirements that those who have the need to manage multiple electronic door locks would come across one day. We hope the information would help the customers in their way to understand or choose electronic door lock system. For more details, check out the links: