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Card Lock

HUNE become the well-known hotel Card Lock brand since 1991. With the high increase rate of China tourism industry, the demand of Hotel Card Lock is booming. Although HUNE has earned fame in the market in that period, we never think about just decrease in quality and enhance the production capability. We have faith in our development: We run as part of this industry not just taking it as a business. That is why HUNE can stand in this niche and keep growing in these 27 years, cause we know we earn the reputation from the markets because we insist to be ourselves: No decrease in quality, efficient service and reliable technology. Our task is offer reliable hotel key card locks to the market and introduce more other smart door lock series to meet user need.


HUNE participated in the innovation of first Hotel card door lock in China in 1991. We can offer Hotel Card Lock in many modes to meet requirement such as Hotel card lock system mode for hospitality niche, apartment mode for accommodating rental or you can choose code+card mode for your Airbnb project. The hotel card lock system mode can be integrated to hotel management system such as Micro Fidelio/Opera. Both Mifare and Temic version have encryption to increase the secrecy performance. HUNE Hotel Card Lock can adapt to many mortises such as ANSI, European, Single latch and so on. The mortise HUNE use can meet various standard such as UL, BHMA, EN and CE. HUNE hotel key card lock have diversified styles to meet your designs, no matter luxury, simplified or light luxury, you can always choose your favor here. HUNE is professional key card door lock manufacturer use durable material to accompany our reliable system to solve all your worries about the smart Hotel Card Lock.

It is the 27th years since HUNE ‘s first step into the  smart Hotel Card Lock niche. At the beginning we just want to take the high technology to assist the development of China tourism industry as government recommend. Creating more convenience to people bring us happiness no matter what difficulties we had met.


China economy has a high rate increase in that past 30 years. The GDP is grown and so does the labor cost. Made in China is not words represent low price anymore. To keep the “competition capability” some brand will try to low the quality requirement to approach the “goal”.  But according to our opinion, with time growing people will only have more critical standard to the products instead of lower. There is a very interesting story happen in Miniso that they will never accept suppliers low the price by just decrease the quality standard, because that is not a solution but just a temporary relief which results in disaster. Optimizing the production procedure and management is the only way to achieve this goal. You will always see key card door lock have much more lower price then ours, but we will suggest you compare it by real sample in front of you. Spend some money as research is always the most secure way in business.

When you are importing goods, especially some electronic goods. The most important thing is you can find someone answer your questions on time or guide you properly when you are going to launch new product series. HUNE believe that practice makes perfect. The efficient service is always from experience or passion or determination to solve a problem.  HUNE has more than 1000 flagships or outlets in China so our service team receive questions every day and they have standard answer for all questions you may ask. And please never doubt the insistence of the IT guys, they pursue for perfect in the mechanical or software part, so your special question of our products will be always the challenge they would like to conquer. 

As a smart door lock manufacturer, the first priority thing is to keep the stability of the lock system. HUNE developed our own  smart Hotel Card Lock system and keep optimizing it every year no matter in functionality or stability. We are the brand own authorized certification of international PMS system such as . We understand instead of design or technology, your management and operation safety and convenience is the most important issue. The tourism industry is booming in these few years all over the world. International Tourism Numbers and Confidence on the Rise. The latest issue of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer from the World Tourism Organization shows that international tourism continued to grow over the first quarter of 2019. Though at a slower rate when compared with the last two years, the 4% increase registered in early 2019 is a very positive sign. The Middle East (+8%) and Asia and the Pacific (+6%) experienced the highest increase in international arrivals. Numbers in both Europe and Africa were up by 4%, and in the Americas growth was recorded at 3%. For management of more guests, most hotels or resorts are changing their mechanical lock to  smart Hotel Card Lock recently. But there is so many brands of  smart Hotel Card Lock exist in the market, how can a hotel choose the suitable one?


Do you know how can a hotel choose the suitable one?

First of all.

You should consider what functionality you required to decide the system firstly. IC Hotel Card Lock has been eliminated in the market because of the card can not be format ed and that increase the management cost. And the IC Hotel Card Lock can not adaptable to multi-function requirement such as card parking and other consumption record in the hotel. Temic RF  smart Hotel Card Lock is a cost-effective solution for you even it can not true the multi-function also, but its card can be formatted and the encryption of HUNE system also secure your management. And the most popular solution is the Mifare  smart Hotel Card Lock, cause its card can be formatted, you can choose the encryption version and also it is suitable for multi-function requirement.


You may consider the design and quality. You have spent lots of money in the renovation of the hotel or resorts. And you will surely desire a  smart Hotel Card Lock can match your design. HUNE hotel key card lock have lots of series for you to choose from. You can find simplified design such as our 929 series or you can find luxury design such as our 918 series to match your palace. Split design or simple single design, golden, chrome or cool black can be also found in our series to meet your need.


And also the part you may concern most is the price. But we also want to remind that no one can produce under the cost at same standard. The  smart Hotel Card Lock should be controlled via software and it should be integrated in PMS system for management. The safest way is to choose a qualified supplier for it. HUNE  smart Hotel Card Lock system is authorized by international PMS system such as Fidelio and Opera. And of course our hotel key card lock can be integrated in other new hotel system. But once we can pass the strictest standard, you do not need to worry about the rest. And all our  smart Hotel Card Locks will go through strict test before launching. Durability, life circle, error rate is all we consider. We can pass ANSI/BHMA B grade test is a good evidence for our qualification.

Contact with us if you are going to buy a  smart Hotel Card Lock. We welcome all your compare with other brands. And hope we can have the honor to be your partner. Come to HUNE and I think you will be satisfied with your these choice.