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Bathroom Lock

Bathroom lock seems to be insignificant but actually it is a factor effect the monolithic interior design.  Hotel locks suppliers seldom offer simple bathroom lock for your projects, because they think you will not require lock of high quality for just a bathroom. But actually we know you are not willing to be trapped by budget and down grade your interior design.


As an experienced hotel lock supplier in the digital lock niche for over 26 years, HUNE think we have the responsibility to offer some choice to the market. We have totally mechanical bath room lock or digital ones match our hotel door lock design.


You can find simplified or luxury design bathroom lock in our series, and various color such as silver, golden or copper can be found. Most of our bathroom lock use alloy and electroplate and you can also find some with PVD clothing. Appearance matching is also a reason you want to choose HUNE bathroom lock, cause that will also raise the image of your designs.


HUNE digital bathroom lock must attract you not only because of its nice design and good quality from digital door lock factory. We set switch to show the vacant or occupied status of the bathroom. The people outside can know bathroom is occupied once they saw the red light flashing. No need to knock the door or move the handle to verify it. No one want to answer you in such an embarrassing occasion. Just a digital lock can create the elegance, so why not choose? The digital bathroom lock can also be applied in bedroom, and it is the same function to avoid any unnecessary disturb to keep the peace atmosphere. For example, you are changing cloth in your own bedroom while someone is visiting, you will not want to hear the sound of someone pull down the handle even it is locked. And your visitor will also don’t want to trapped in this embarrassing if they have another choice. You just need a slight touch to switch the button to the occupied status and you visitor can wait for you silently outside after a peek of the light color. What a nice and peaceful picture.


Other than bathroom lock, you can also find relative hospitality products in our product line, such as safe for hotels. Safe from HUNE is high security grade. Guest can tell once they try to use it or move it. It increase the sense of security of your guests and also build the great image of your hotel brand, cause guests may not know how much effort you have made to choose best paint or ceiling for them, but they can feel your sincerity once they use the safe, which most of your guest will surely use when they check in.


If you are choosing hotel locks suppliers, please pay more attention to their history, capability both in production and R&D and the service attitude and capability are also crucial for you. Try to contact HUNE for more information of our products. We maybe your best choice.