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Electronic Door Lock System

  • source:HUNE
  • Date:10/13/2021

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, intelligence city has become a future trend, triggering a series of intelligent economic boom. The advent of the era of intelligence, the smart home industry has also ushered in a period of rapid development. Therefore, the electronic door lock was born, the use in the home has become more and more widespread, so what is the electronic door lock system?



1. System composition.

  HUNE series electronic door lock management system is mainly composed of computer host, card reader, management software. The system is responsible for issuing various functional cards, hotel room management, check-in guest information management, and the realization of information query and other functions. It is based on the realization of the basic functions of the door lock, according to the actual management needs and the development needs of the market, the door lock system is expanded into a set of functional, easy to operate, easy to maintain the electronic door lock management system.


2. Benefits of electronic door lock system

There are quite a few reasons businesses are opting to go keyless with their electronic access control systems. Though smart door locks and keyless door locks are more expensive up front, there are many benefits that make them the preferred choice as the security system for office doors. With keyless and touchless entry for electronic doors, businesses can make getting into the building more convenient and more secure, while also improving ROl across the entire organization.

Improved security: Electronic door locks allow more advanced access control methods, such as encrypted cards, fobs, and mobile credentials. Whereas a key can be used by anyone ,electronic door locks can add an additional layer of protection thanks to credentials that require two-factor authentication, and additional identity verification at the door, In addition, automatic door lock systems for business settings mean less manual labor in ensuring the doors are locked, with set schedules and instant locking capabilities.

Remote door unlock for business: The ability to control doors from anywhere is a huge advantage when it comes to commercial building security. Having access to a remote door lock, owners can monitor all their buildings from a single interface, and easily unlock the door for after-hour maintenance,employees who are locked out, or third-party vendors.With real-time visibility, remote door lock for business also speeds issue response time, which in turn improves ROI.

Trackable entry activity: With a traditional lock and key, you can't see who unlocked the door and when. Electronic door lock systems that are connected to a electronic access control system will log all access activity. This is helpful for compliance and auditing purposes, as well as helps businesses optimize their security based on visitation patterns. Electronic door entry systems with detailed reporting make it easier to respond to security breaches, and.helps teams identify potential risks before it's too late.


3. Average cost of electronic door lock system

The cost of a electronic door lock system varies widely, depending on the commercial door lock types installed, now many doors need to be secured, and the number of authorized users that will need a key. In addition, which technology you choose will greatly affect the average cost per door of your electronic door lock system.

Manual keys: Replacing physical keys can run you anywhere from $2 up to $70 depending on the type of key and if there is any coding embedded in it. The price of manual door locks starts at around $100 per door, making it the least expensive option. However, manual door locks lack all functionality and security features of automatic, remote, and electronic door lock .

Key card or key fob locks: This RFID or proximity-based system requires each user to have a card or key fob to gain entry, so it does not eliminate the cost of issuing and replacing credentials. Depending on the security of the key cards and fobs, and the type of electronic readers installed, this electronic door lock solution generally costs $1,500-2,500 per door.

Electronic door lock: One of the cost savings associated with electronic door locks is that users don't need individual credentials. These electronic entry systems range from $400 to over $1,500 per door after factoring in the hardware, any wiring adjustments, installation, and maintenance.

Biometric door locks: Electronic biometric readers will usually cost upwards of $2,000 per door, making them a more expensive office door lock system.if biometric access is vital to your security, you may find cost savings by using a electronic door lock system with biometric two-factor authentication through a smartphone. A mobile access control system like Openpath can be configured to require a facial ID or fingerprint scan on the user's smartphone prior to unlocking the door.


So, here’s the basic introduction for the HUNE electronic door lock system, we believe that the system can cover the foreseeable problems or requirements that those who have the need to manage multiple electronic door locks would come across one day. We hope the information would help the customers in their way to understand or choose electronic door lock system. For more details, check out the links: