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What is a WiFi door lock

  • source:HUNE
  • Date:10/09/2021

Wifi door lock is more and more common in our daily life. Wifi door lock is a kind of Internet of Things. The concept of the Internet of Things (loT) was first proposed in 1999. Its definition is simple: all objects are connected to the Internet through information sensing devices such as RADIO frequency identification (RFID), enabling intelligent identification and management.


What is a WiFi door lock?

The traditional mechanical lock interacts with the Internet through the integration of intelligent perception and recognition technology, and have WiFi door lock born.

But what exactly can WiFi door lock do? WiFi door lock means that the door lock can be opened freely through the Internet in a remote situation and is not limited by distance.


At present, many users already have a lot of internet devices at home. Unified ecology can bring people more convenient experience, and they can also enjoy high-end feelings.


WiFi door lock, the internet devices, has the characteristics of security, convenience, instant and interaction.

Security: Anti-interference. Even use a high frequency electromagnetic waver to test HUNE WiFi door lock, it is impregnable.

Convenience: Monitor the lock statues from smart phone. It’s very friendly for the people live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Amnesia. A WiFi door lock helps you no need to go back home only to double check if the doors was locked just now.

Instant: Support remote unlock. Touch smart phone transmits the ekey from your pocket, then the wifi door lock is unlocked. Even though you are not beside the door lock.

Interaction: Generate access code both permanent and temporary password by smart phone, the WiFi lock knows this code works.


To realize these functions, our Wifi door lock needs to work together with a gateway for remote door opening and real time monitor door lock status.

HUNE WiFi Smart door lock can be unlocked in a variety of ways: mobile APP remote unlock, password unlock, fingerprint unlock, card, key, etc. It can help you deal with emergency in different situations, such as WiFi door lock is out of power, you can use USB charger power or key to open the door; When you want a hourly worker service, you can generate a temporary password in the APP for the housekeeper to use, and the password will be valid within the specified time. A lock can recognize it and knows this code works, for example, from 10:00am - 11:00am.


Nowadays, more and more places use WiFi smart lock for management, including hotels, apartments, residential houses, hotels, villas, banks, schools and government departments.

WiFi door Lock is more convenient, faster than traditional smart lock, but never degrade its security grade. With the arrival of smart home, it is a necessary product for a family in the future. And the development in the next few years will be popularized to more families. WiFi door Lock is a very potential market. But what can help buyer find a high quality smart lock?




Choose C grade Cylinder. HUNE uses brass to make a cylinder, mainly because of its corrosion resistance, not easy to rust. The good cylinders are made of one piece brass, while the bad ones add plastic or splice brass.



Mortise is the crucial part of a lock, but most mortises in the market may not have certification. Mortise should pass at least durability test. China standard is 300,000 times, while European and US standards are 200,000 and 800,000 times. And HUNE Lock mortise meet all this standard. HUNE even have passed ANSI-BHMA 1 million times test. The 2nd part to clarify a good mortise is to see if it has fire resistance. In Europe it should pass EN-1634 test while in US it should pass UL test. HUNE have both certificates to ensure the capability of fire resistance.



HUNE WiFi door lock adopts Semi-conductor CPU built in reader which is bank security grade. A very high security level by adopting biometric detection and identification technology.



Appearance relates to material and design. A chic and simple designed smart lock gains popularity from consumers. Combined with Titanium panel body, it could works for 10 years.


HUNE WiFi door lock is anti-interference when shocking by high frequency electromagnetic waver. Few years ago, there is a saying  going around: some smart lock can be unlocked by high frequency electromagnetic waver. In case of this situation, customers should ask if it is anti-interference before purchase a WiFi door lock.


In every era, there is no lack of enterprises those are determined to forge ahead and make good products, and there is no lack of company that are opportunistic and make quick money. When purchasing products, we must comprehensively consider price, quality, and after-sales, and do not blindly choose according to sales. HUNE will go with you for next decade, which is better or worse, time will give us a fair answer.