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RFID card lock system/ Wi-fi door lock

  • source:HUNE
  • Date:09/27/2021

More and more hotel owners are going to update their hotel door lock system. But they always face one question: Which system I should change to? It is never the case that the most expensive one is the best. It is always the case that the one you need is the best. Yes, you need, not what you want is the best.


In the market, you can find systems clarified as below. Each of them is developed to meet different scenario, so please allow me to explain to you in detail.  


l Stand alone RFID card lock system

l Stand alone BLE hotel lock system

Wi-Fi hotel lock system

l Wi-Fi + BLE hotel lock system



Stand alone RFID card lock system

This system is a stand alone system. Hotel reception will issue card to guest to check in the room and card will be expired after the period they pay. It is a very simple system, and suitable to the hotels that want to change lock but don’t want to make much change on the management mode. For example, the hotel use IC card lock before, but locks are hard to maintain anymore, so want to change to RFID system. And you can choose Temic or Mifare version if you decide to choose the stand alone RFID card lock system. What is the difference? Temic card can not,and have smaller storage space. It can not be used in consuming system. If you need the card to carry the consuming function, you had better choose the Mifare version. And you can contact us for more details. HUNE stand alone RFID card lock system has been upgraded, you can use the NFC signal to configure the lock and get the unlock information. You don’t need PDA , just a Android phone and install our APK to save cost.


Stand alone BLE hotel lock system

This is a new hotel locking system in these few years. It is to true the online booking and touchless check-in. You just need to book room in OTA or hotel APP to get the BLE ekey, then you can use this e-key to unlock the door during the period you stay. HUNE BLE hotel lock system have both card lock and code lock version. In code lock version, you can also generate a temporary password to the guest by email, then they can use this password to unlock the door during the days they stay. It is suitable to the hotel don’t want to develop their own APP but want to true the touchless in reception.


Wi-Fi hotel lock system

Wi-Fi hotel lock system is more and more popular in the market, cause it can solve many hotel management problem, such as guest lost card and face belonging lost risk, emergency unlock and lock status track. It is a real time management system, means you can operate and control the lock. But it need a good lay out of the bridge, so you had better choose a experienced supplier to give you professional advice based on your floor plan and give your technology support during installation. HUNE is professional in this part, so it will be happy to have your contact for more information.


Wi-Fi+ BLE hotel lock system

Wi-Fi BLE hotel lock system is a mixed system of BLE and hotel lock system. It can true the BLE unlock and real time operation. It is suitable to some chain hotel.


No matter which system you choose, HUNE have various models for you to choose from. And you can choose the proper model to meet your interior design. And HUNE lock have passed CE, UL and BHMA test to meet the standard requirement. It will be good to choose a heavy duty lock for your hotel project, cause you wont want to change the whole system within 10 years, cause that is a incredible work. Contact HUNE for more information, and you will find you have chosen the most comfortable way to succeed.