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Condo Smart Lock

  • source:hunelock
  • Date:05/28/2020
We love Condos.
But be in the manager side, or as the property management companies, 
We always seek the easy & low cost approaches to execute the management perfectly.
Now, and for the most essential part of it all-----the access control, would need to be more accessible, comprehensive and convenient ever than before. Especially under such circumstance.
For that matter, HUNE considers the solution for all the property management companies out there, to arrange the qualified, convenient, mature management system. We guarantee to make your days more easy and intelligent.
Here we shall introduce the Condo Smart Lock & the Bluetooth Residential management system. We designed a rich range of models equipped with the management system for you to have a successful purchasing.
The Bluetooth management system for Condo Smart lock is premised with multi-situations fit in modes to help you deal with the daily management challenges and different circumstances.
With the 5 different management modes, we believe that we could cover all the types of access of all the different users. 
All of that is no need for the mechanical keys, the Condo Smart Locks are unlocked by password or Cell phones. All Condo Smart Locks have already set up. Just put them on the doors, Load the management APP on your phone, then it’s ok to go. No wires, no physical keys, no all the old school cumbers.
① Temporary Mode, the password can only be used once
As a property management company, there will be a lot of one time visitors, say, some one have the intention to choose and purchase a property, in the choosing phrase, they will need to access the property for one time. Then, we can apply this Temporary Mode for Condo Smart Lock to grant the great convenience for both side of the buyer and the manager, the manager just need to send the password to user, then the user could unlock the door once whenever he/she like to, no extra effort whatsoever. We believe such convenience would leave a good impression for the buyer, could be boost to a wonderful deal.
②Multi-Times passwords Mode, the password can be used a certain times as you decide.
This is the variant of the previous mode, someone with the need to access to the property multiple times, you can utilise the mode to easily manage and control the access of the users.
③Time-period Mode, within a range of days, the password can be used within a time period each day.
This mode is even more helpful than ever. You know, under such circumstances, most of the properties around the world are in the need of more frequent cleansing than ever before. The property management companies will need to have a more in-depth management with all the staffs or cleaning personnel.
So this mode is very good for the janitor & the housekeepers and such. They will be able to have the access to the property within the certain period each day, which is perfect for their job scheduling and the manager’s arrangements.
④Star & End date Mode, the password can be used with in a range of days.
This mode is for the Condos Tenants, you know, for the more traditional process, the Condo managers will need to distribute, track, collect, reuse all the cards or keys. Which will generate a huge amount of management maintenance cost financially and temporally, don't even mention all the missing or damages that the physical keys and cards may encounter. And also all the door locks will need to set up respectively in the old method. So, the evolution for the Safety and Convenience that The Condo manager need is highly important, it will save your money and your time. 
As we have introduced, all the access control is automatic, the Tenant can check in, unlock,  check out, by just swinging their phones or move their finger a little. 
The traditional management difficulty we mentioned before will be completely dissolved.
The Condo managers will be able to easily manage all the entries and exits just on their phones, from door lock setting, record track, check in check out, generate password, distribute passwords, etc. All things are plainly on the surface of your phone, we turn the mind crashing daily management to a fun & organised experience for you all.
⑤End date Mode, the password can be used until the day you invalid it.
This mode is also for the long term users, they might not have pre-ordered the room and arrive later on the time. They might just be here and start the rent. You could use this mode, which is just need to input the End date. Easy and fast.
Not only for the customers
The Condo Smart lock & Bluetooth management system can also be fairly convenient for the co-managers that you might employed. After all, it’s Condo we’re talking about. 
In the Bluetooth Management APP, the master user can distribute the Authorisations to multiple co-managers, what authorisations they can have, what level of personnel they are, all up to your, and when there’s any form of personnel changes, you will be able to delete the authorisation just in one tap of your finger.
So, with the Condo smart lock & Bluetooth management system. You will be able to get rid of all the traditional management difficulties, in both sides of the user and the managers.
And the best part of it, it’s that this system can significantly decrease the maintenance cost. All the Condo smart locks are wireless, pre-set, the door locks works independently, simply install them on the doors, some batteries, then you can put them on work and manage them all in your phone. Simple and clean, no extra devices, no extra times, no extra efforts.
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